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Quick release that fix criticals bugs that were found in the 0.7alpha. More bugs will be fixed in upcoming alpha.

An issue has also been found on AutoUpdate, which forbid 0.7alpha to updates itself. It is fixed in this release. Therefore AutoUpdate will work for upcoming updates.

Release page:

Date: February 17, 2010

Release manager: Mathieu Bastian

New features

  • Better edge weight support. Weight is not modified anymore by "Auto-scale" option on Import.
  • Better nodes/edges counting. Counts only visible nodes.
  • Improve Statistics/Metrics settings panels. Add description and documentation about metrics and their settings.
  • Project save/load has been corrected. Note that compatibility with 0.7alpha1 is broken.
  • Fix AutoUpdate mechanism. Further updates will be available through built-in updater.


  • Application freeze when importing file on Linux (bug 519423)
  • Layout Window cannot be restored when has been undocked (bug 519424)
  • anner not visible on Mac OS X and Linux (bug 522403)
  • Preview doesn't hide filtered elements (bug 522402)
  • Project load/save interface fails (bug 522889)
  • empty node label causes incorrect error message during import "unkown node id" (bug 519254)
  • In GDF export, removing a column doesn't remove the comma (bug 519810)
  • In GDF export, the Id field is badly escaped (bug 519820)
  • Attribute edge filtering misbehavior (bug 522771)
  • Context data doesn't work on Undirected Graph (bug 522886)
  • Dynamic filter displays 0 node (bug 523128)
  • options tag works only for one-letter values (bug 519252)
  • Favorites, Properties and Output menu appears in Window and cannot be closed. (bug 521400)
  • improved performances when adjusting the range with the mouse (bug 521939)
  • fixed bug when dealing with dynamic data types other that date (bug 521544)
  • fixed bug with the visual repartition of graduations (bug 521941)


  • Node and Edge toggle button in VizBar have the same tooltip text
  • Report Panel (Import) is vertically extensible

Updated Modules

  • DesktopContext
  • DesktopBranding
  • DesktopHierarchy
  • DesktopPartition
  • DesktopRanking
  • DesktopTools
  • VisualizationModule
  • DesktopImport
  • DesktopLayout
  • ProcessorPlugin
  • DHNSGraph
  • DesktopTimeline
  • TimelineAPI
  • TimelinePluginUI
  • ExportPlugin
  • ImportPlugin
  • StatisticsPluginUI
  • GraphAPI
  • ExportPluginUI
  • PreviewImpl
  • DesktopPreview
  • FiltersPlugin
  • ImportAPI
  • DesktopFilters
  • ProjectAPI