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This release delivers the new Timeline component and fixes many issues.

Release page:

Expected: March 26th 2012

Release manager: Eduardo Ramos


  • Code Freeze: March 19th
  • Translation Freeze: March 19th
  • Release: March 29th

New features

  • New Timeline with animation, custom bounds settings, date ticks and embedded sparkline.
  • Ranking now supports local and global scale.
  • Modularity (Community detection) adds edge weight support and resolution setting.
  • Self-loop filter

New localization

  • Russian
  • Chinese (China)
  • Czech


  • Better Preview performance when edges hidden


  • Exception when deserializing a preview preset (issue 554)
  • ClassCastException when saving a gephi file after PDF export (bug 553)
  • Dynamics: DateTime values are converted to numbers when workspace is duplicated. (issue 552)
  • Cannot Preserve Z-Coordinate in GEXF exporter (issue 547)
  • Gephi won't start on Mac OS X Lion because of a missing JAWT library (issue 542)
  • Add a local/global scale button to Ranking ( issue 541)
  • Spreadsheet import: edge weight not imported (issue 540)
  • NOT operator wrong with topology filters (issue 539)
  • Multiple partition filters not named: cannot tell them apart (issue 537)
  • AttributeContollerImpl should be renamed to AttributeControllerImpl ( issue 530)
  • Timeline - Set Custom Bounds does not support DATETIME (issue 529)
  • Data Laboratory - Dynamic Attributes Edit function resets values (issue 528)
  • DL exporter fix (issue 525)
  • Validator of MySQL's "host" field ( issue 521)
  • Edge/Node attributes don't support datetime format ( issue 518)
  • Directed Graph cluster coefficient provides incorrect values in certain situations ( issue 517)
  • NullPointer in GUI when defining range Filters ( issue 516)
  • datalab: empty column fails edge csv import ( issue 515)
  • updateDimensions in PreviewController does not take into account node size (issue 514)
  • Overview's graph area does not redraw edges automatically ( issue 513)
  • c+p correction: HITS hub chart was repeated twice in output. ( issue 510)
  • database import from Postgres does not handle node color attribute ( issue 506)
  • Incorrect Teradata JDBC url ( issue 505)
  • [Datalab] Duplicated nodes on import spreadsheet ( issue 498)
  • [Datalab] Failing silently to load attribute values on import spreadsheet (issue 497)
  • Attribute Columns Property editors don't support dynamic numbers ( issue 494)
  • Arrows not hidden when edges hidden on Preview ( issue 493)
  • Some text appears garbled when loaded from a project file ( issue 488)
  • Exception when adding a new Perspective plugin development ( issue 486)
  • NullPointer Exception with Edge Labels ( issue 478)
  • Filter range does not filter if min == max ( issue 477)
  • Heatmap Tool Sometimes Doesn't Work ( issue 472)
  • deleting a field in data lab yields an error ( issue 468)
  • Email imports can't be cancelled ( issue 466)
  • Invalid XML character error when loading a gephi file (issue 465)
  • Range Slider writes N/A if the min and max values are the same ( issue 464)
  • datalab: exception on hiding a column used to sort the table ( issue 454)
  • Can't build without Netbeans installed ( issue 452)
  • Auto-refresh not updated after changing the spline ( issue 448)
  • AttributeRangeFilter returns main graph when nothing matches filter (issue 435)
  • Timeline need more precision when dealing with dates ( issue 202)
  • Degree Filter Not Filtering as Subfilter in Tookit (issue 69)
  • UnsatisfiedLinkError on startup on Mac OS X (issue 44)
  • K-Core filter UI doesn't show the good value at initialization (issue 346)
  • Edge Weight FIlter fails if no edges (issue 186)


  • Add a needsItemBuilder method to Renderer in Preview API. This helps to avoid building unnecessary items while refreshing preview.
  • Preview API changes: Added a getDisplayName to Renderer and support for extending default preview renderers. Added a renderer manager to preview controlled with new methods in PreviewModel and PreviewController.
  • Add a local scale flag in Ranking API. The value can be set from theRankingController.
  • Add RangeFilter interface in Filters API to help create range filters. The filter system now automatically manages the range values and bounds. The Range object now also supports exclusive intervals.
  • Add a new AttributableFilter filter type. This is useful for filters manipulating Attributable objects regardless whether they belong to a node or edge. Also note new useful abstract plugin implementations have been added to the FiltersPlugin module. Use AbstractFilter for any filter and AbstractAttributeFilter for filters based on attributes. Filter builders are also provided.
  • Update to Netbeans Platform 7.1 and it's new perspective system. The PerspectiveMember SPI has to go away and will break compatibility. Top components now directly declare the perspective they belong to in the @TopComponent.Registration annotation, for instance roles = {"overview"} for the Overview perspective.
  • Add a REPLACE_COLUMN event type in AttributeEvent.
  • New Timeline API exposed as a stable API. Th API controls the Timeline UI component and the animation framework.
  • Add a new TIME_FORMAT event in DynamicModelEvent. The event is triggered when the time format is initialized.
  • Add a getGraphTable() in the AttributeModel. The GraphView elements can also have attributes using the same system as nodes and egdes. The data can be accessed through the Graph.getAttributes() method.