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This page is for describing and tracking efforts to package Gephi for Debian and Ubuntu. An initial package is available at https://launchpad.net/~rockclimb/+archive/ppa however this would not be accepted into Debian or Ubuntu as the source tarball contains binary only jar files. These must all be separately packaged.

Currently Netbeans 6.9 is in Ubuntu, but Debian only has Netbeans 6.0, so even once the packaging of all the libraries is done we will only be able to package for Ubuntu until Netbeans 6.9 is in Debian. Work is underway to do this, see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=543907

Get Involved

If you'd like to help package Gephi for Debian and Ubuntu then get in touch with Andy.

The result of the current effort can be seen on Andy's Debian QA Page.

Dependency Status

The following jar files are included in the Gephi source tarball. The current packaging status is shown. This list is almost certainly not complete, since some of the unpackaged libraries will have further dependencies.

Note: added a "version" column, to highlight the need for precision version tracking, and to answers questions like "which version of Processing is used in Gephi, that I could call from my plugin? Where can I get this kind of information?"

Gephi 0.7 beta

Jar file Required version License Package Status Debian package Notes
  • batik-anim.jar
  • batik-awt-util.jar
  • batik-bridge.jar
  • batik-css.jar
  • batik-dom.jar
  • batik-ext.jar
  • batik-gvt.jar
  • batik-parser.jar
  • batik-script.jar
  • batik-svg-dom.jar
  • batik-transcoder.jar
  • batik-util.jar
  • batik-xml.jar
1.7 ? Apache 2.0 Already Packaged batik Require version 1.7.ubuntu-6ubuntu1 in Ubuntu.
beansbinding-1.2.1.jar 1.2.1 LGPL In Unstable beansbinding Source, Debian ITP
colorchooser.jar unversioned Joint CDDL and GPL-2 with ClassPath exception In Unstable colorchooser For the ColorPicker component use the newer (and licensed) version in ColorPicker.jar
ColorPicker.jar unversioned BSD In Unstable colorpicker ColorPicker supersedes parts of colorchooser.jar
commons-codec-1.4.jar 1.4 Apache 2.0 Already Packaged libcommons-codec-java
core.jar 1.2.1 LGPL In Unstable processing-core Comes from processing.org. Basis of package at http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-java/trunk/processing/. opengl.jar is not required.
flamingo.jar 5.0 BSD In Unstable flamingo
FontChooser.jar unversioned LGPL In Unstable fontchooser
  • gluegen-rt.jar
  • jogl.jar
BSD / SGI Free Software License B V2.0 Already Packaged libjogl-java
google-collect-1.0-rc3.jar 1.0RC3 Apache 2.0 Already Packaged libgoogle-collections-java Package is version "final 1.0"
iText-5.0.1.jar 5.0.1 AGPL In Unstable libitext5-java Version 2.1.7 was already packaged. Version 5.x is the next version, and for compatibility reasons was pacakged as libitext5-java.
javacsv.jar 2.0 LGPL In Unstable (updated version) libcsv-java Updating the current Debian package to avoid pulling in JDK documentation just to use the library.
jcommon-1.0.16.jar 1.0.16 LGPL Already Packaged libjcommon-java
jfreechart-1.0.13.jar 1.0.13 LGPL Already Packaged libjfreechart-java
joda-time-1.6.jar 1.6 Apache 2.0 Already Packaged libjoda-time-java
MigLayout-3.7.1.jar 3.7.1 BSD Already Packaged libmiglayout-java
MultipleGradientPaint.jar Not Required No source found, but none of the classes are used, and many are now part of swingx anyway.
mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar 5.1.7 GPL v2 with exceptions Already Packaged mysql-connector-java
orson-0.5.0.jar 0.5.0 LGPL Not Required http://www.jfree.org/orson/. Not required, and removed from later Gephi release.
pdf-transcoder.jar 0.95 ? Apache 2.0 Already Packaged fop Included in fop. Use fop.jar.
postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar 8.4.701 BSD In Unstable libpgjava Had to update existing package (which included jdbc3 version only)
spark-1.2.jar 1.2 Apache 2.0 In Unstable libspark-java http://www.representqueens.com/spark/
sqljdbc4.jar Microsoft License Will Not Package Cannot be packaged in Debian. SQL Server support patched out for Debian package.
stax-utils.jar 20110309+svn238 BSD In Unstable stax-utils https://stax-utils.dev.java.net, http://java.net/downloads/stax-utils/, Debian RFP.
  • swingx-1.6.1.jar
  • swingx-beaninfo-1.6.1.jar
1.6.1 LGPL-2.1+ / Apache 2.0 / joint LGPL & BSD Already Packaged libswingx-java
TimingFramework-1.0.jar 1.0 BSD In Unstable timingframework https://timingframework.dev.java.net/
trident.jar 1.3 BSD In Unstable trident Dependency of Flamingo 5.0.
trove-2.1.0.jar 2.1.0 LGLP Already Packaged trove
ValidationAPI.jar 0.4 Joint CDDL and GPLv2 with Classpath Exception Already Packaged libsimple-validation-java http://kenai.com/projects/simplevalidation
xerces_2_5_0.jar 2.5.0 Apache 2.0 and W3C Already Packaged (2.9) libxerces2-java Needed for Flamingo. Hopefully later version is OK.
  • xml-apis-ext.jar
  • xml-apis.jar
BSD-like / Apache 2.0 Already Packaged xml-commons-external xml-apis.jar required for Flamingo.

Gephi 0.8 (as at 2011-03-28)

This table lists the additional files currently used by the bzr trunk.

Jar file Required version License Package Status Debian package Notes
commons-compress-1.1.jar 1.1 Apache 2.0 Already Packaged libcommons-compress-java Could update package to 1.1 if needed.
jcalendar-1.3.3.jar 1.3.3 LGPL2+ Already Packaged libjcalendar-java
looks-2.0.1.jar 2.0.1 BSD Already Packaged (2.4) libjgoodies-looks-java Hopefully version 2.4 is compatible.
mail.jar, smtp.jar, dsn.jar, mailapi.jar, pop3,jar, imap.jar TODO, or use gnumail Might be possible to use the gnumail implementation of the JavaMail API.