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Report a bug

Reporting a bug is very simple. Before creating a new bug you can browse and search existing issues.

  1. Create an account on Github.
  2. Submit you bug by writing a report.

Please try to fill in the report with the following information:

  • A way to reproduce the bug, or a description of what you was doing.
  • The configuration of your machine: Windows/Mac/Linux and system version; type of graphic card: Nvidia/ATI/integrated-to-motherboard.
  • The Java stack trace if exists.
  • The log file. (see below where to find it)

If you're not sure about how describing the issue you got, you can always discuss on the forum with the developers in the Troubleshooting section.

Where to find the log file?

On Windows 2K/XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\.gephi\(gephi_version\)dev\var\log\message.log

On Windows Vista/Seven



/Bob/Library/Application support/gephi/(gephi_version/)dev/var/log/messages.log

On Linux


Note: gephi_version will not appear if you use any Gephi version previous to 0.8.1

Automatic crash report

Gephi has an auto-report problems mechanism concerning crashes and exceptions. When a crash occurs, a window opens and invites the user to send the log file, the stack trace and a comment on what he was doing to Gephi Team.