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Gephi Toolkit 0.8.5 (March 29 2012)


Consult the 0.8.1 releases notes to see improvements:

  • Ranking now supports local and global scale.
  • Modularity (Community detection) adds edge weight support and resolution setting.
  • Self-loop filter
  • Better range filter support

Gephi Toolkit 0.8.2497 (October 03 2011)

Consult the 0.8beta release notes to see improvements:

  • New Preview architecture, one can now write Preview Plugins
  • ForceAtlas2 layout algorithm, with multi-thread option
  • PNG Export
  • Dynamic Metrics
  • Data Lab node merging
  • Node and Edge transparency in Preview
  • Edge labels on curved edges
  • Text outline now in Preview
  • Database importer now supports time columns (start & end)
  • DL Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • GML Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • NET Export (Thanks to Daniel Bernardes)
  • K-core filter
  • Inter and Intra partition filter
  • Now supports SQLite databases
  • Weighted degree now also for directed graphs

See References to look at features included in the Toolkit.

Gephi Toolkit 0.8.2234 (June 02 2011)

Consult the 0.8alpha release notes to see improvements:

  • GEXF 1.2 support (partial)
  • Integrate Email Spigot - create network from emails
  • Add Neighbour Filter
  • Improve support of meta-edges in Statistics and Filters
  • Edge weight option in PageRank, which can now be used by the algorithm
  • Graph files now supports GZ compression
  • Better Filters support in .gephi files
  • VNA Import (Thanks to Vojtech Bardiovsky)
  • Label Adjust algorithm 3 times faster
  • Saving/Loading projects is faster and use less memory

See References to look at features included in the Toolkit.

Gephi Toolkit 0.7.1963 (Oct 04 2010)

Consult the 0.7beta release notes to see improvements:

  • Two new demos: ImportDynamic and DynamicMetric
  • Include DynamicAPI
  • Include DataLaboratoryAPI
  • Add NOT and MASK filter operators
  • Add GiantComponent filter
  • Add DynamicGraph graph generator
  • Add DynamicProcessor

Gephi Toolkit 0.7.1530 (Jul 13 2010)


  • The toolkit JAR file
  • The Javadoc
  • Demos files